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October 2020

Week Preview for 10/19/20


🔷 Week 1 of Fall Brawl is in the books!  What a great turnout and energy for our first Friday night of this new event.  We'll be posting scores to the Facebook group soon so be on the lookout.  Go sign in now for Week 2 (and your regular classes)! 🔷 New Apparel is live [...]

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Week Preview for 10/12/20


🔷 This Friday is Week 1 of "Fall Brawl" which will be our new in-house competition-style event.  Fall Brawl will be very similar to the Open and Friday Night Lights since that is moved back to the beginning of the year.  All updates and videos for the workouts will be uploaded in our private Facebook [...]

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Week Preview for 10/5/20


🔷 Get ready for the 2020 Fall Brawl starting next week!  This will be a "Friday Night Lights" type event over 3 weeks.  Save the dates for 10/16, 10/23, and 10/30 for some fitness and fun on Friday night.  WODs are prepared and will be announced soon!   Here's David as we jump into [...]

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September 2020

Week Preview for 9/28/20


🔷 Just a few days left in September so get in those workouts to make it on the BTWB Committed Club list!   🔷 Reminder:  we are still having our own Friday Night Lights in October on the 16th, 23rd and 30th.  Save the dates and we'll have more details out very soon! Elizabeth [...]

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Week Preview for 9/21/20


🔷 Are you choosing if you’re going to a class based on the posted workout?  STOP!  If you can make it to class, come to class.  If something is sore or hurt, we’ll help you move and feel better.  If a movement is a weakness, you’ll likely not like it, but need to work on [...]

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Week Preview for 9/14/20


🔷 We'll be monitoring the storm, Sally, and providing updates via our private Facebook group on any schedule changes.  Class cancellations due to the storm will also be reflected in your Zenplanner app so always be sure to sign up in advance and check before heading to the gym. 🔷 There are still AT-HOME workout [...]

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Week Preview for 9/7/20


🔷 Labor Day (Monday 9/7) is 9am ONLY 🔷 We hope you all have enjoyed the long weekend and are safe on any travels.  When you do get back in town jump in on a class!  If you splurged a little it's no big deal, just modify your loads/volume/intensity to come in and get a [...]

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August 2020

Week Preview for 8/31/20


🔷 New month starts Tuesday!  What habit can you dial in this month?  Hopefully you picked something in August to improve and have dialed in that new habit.  Take a minute and think about what is lacking most in the 23 hours outside of the gym.  Is it sleep, food choices, water intake, flexibility/mobility, or [...]

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Week Preview for 8/24/20


🔷 What are you doing in your 23 hours outside of the gym?  The foods you consume, amount of water you intake, and the amount of sleep and rest you get are all important to your success in health and fitness.  If you want to hit it harder in the gym, you have to hit [...]

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Week Preview for 8/17/20


🔷 All you have to do is sign in and show up.  That's it.  We'll take care of the rest.  No matter how you are feeling or what is hurting, our coaches will adjust the workout to fit your needs for that day. We care and understand that not everyone will be on their best [...]

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