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August 2020

Week Preview for 8/3/20


🔷 How long should I be in fetal position after a workout?  The intensity of workouts vary and so should how you feel after the workout.  We shouldn't need to be in the fetal position every day after a workout.  There are some days that we should be winded and somewhat uncomfortable but still able [...]

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July 2020

Week Preview for 7/27/20


🔷 Final week of the month!  Get those push ups in if you're doing the challenge and get your workouts in to make the July Committed Club.  💪 If you can't have fun while you're lifting and coaching then what are you even doing?   -Monday- Snatch complex then an EMOM style workout [...]

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Week Preview for 7/20/20


🔷 Sunday workouts are fun but sometimes you end up doing movements that you see again on Monday.  That's not the worst thing as long as we don't over do-it on Sunday.  My suggestion for those who like to do something on their own for Sunday is watch your volume if this is a movement [...]

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Week Preview for 7/13/20


🔷 We say it a lot but consistency is key.  I know some of you are struggling to make your schedule work in these weird times to squeeze in a class.  Many of you were able to knock out workouts on your own during quarantine so I know you have it in you to make [...]

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Week Preview for 7/6/20


🔷 We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and you're ready to get back in the gym and put in some work.  Now that the holiday weekend is over, let's buckle down on your fitness. Brittany rolling through some jump rope Programming -Monday- CrossFit: Bench Press then Box Jump Over, [...]

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June 2020

Week Preview for 6/29/20


🔷 This Saturday is the 4th of July so we'll be doing a Hero WOD!  We've chosen to repeat our 2019 workout, "Hotshots 19" to celebrate the holiday and re-test that fitness.  Sign in now to make sure you have a spot. 🔷 We start a new month this week so it's a good time [...]

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Week Preview for 6/22/20


Notes: 🔷 Happy Father's Day to all you fit dads out there!   🔷 If you haven't yet done so, check your email for the #StayForMay gift cards worth $100 to O2, Born Primitive, Bear Komplex, and Puori.  Deadline to use is June 25th so get to it!   Paul and Dusty working through those [...]

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Week Preview for 6/15/20


Notes: 🔷 If you haven't yet done so, check your email for the #StayForMay gift cards worth $100 to O2, Born Primitive, Bear Komplex, and Puori.  Deadline to use is June 25th so get to it!   🔷 Now that things are getting back to somewhat normal we're discussing bringing back a Summer League event [...]

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Week Preview for 6/8/20


We're now into Phase 2 protocols which means things are getting closer to normal.  Keep up the momentum in the gym as we continue to improve fitness together. Class caps are currently now 12 clients during the week and we'll likely go back to 15 before long.  We'll be continuing our rigorous cleaning procedures as [...]

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May 2020

Week Preview for 6/1/20


It has been great being back in the gym with everyone these last couple of weeks.  Feels like things are starting to get back to more normal.  Hopefully we'll have good news and be onto Phase 2 this week and update our protocols accordingly.   For now, check out the week preview along with the [...]

Week Preview for 6/1/202020-05-30T14:40:08+00:00