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September 2022

Week Preview for 9/26/22


🔷 More Level Method Assessments this week so make the time and get signed in for those days! 🔷 When logging your workouts in the BTWB app, be sure to choose "Changed Weights/Movements/Etc" if you did change or adjust anything about the written version.  By not doing so, the gym and worldwide results can be [...]

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Week Preview for 9/19/22


🔷 Tentative Upcoming Dates: -CFBR Fall Brawl: Friday, November 11th -CFBR Christmas Party: Saturday, December 3rd (may change based on facility) Austin practicing the Overhead Squat   Programming -Monday- Barbell lovers get signed in!  We're practicing a complex of Power Snatches + Overhead Squats for skill time then hitting a quicker couplet with [...]

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Week Preview for 9/12/22


🔷 We have a couple more Level Method testing days this week so clear time in your schedule to make it to class!  As always, if you're not ready to test something we can always just get in some work on those movements.   Ashlyn & Ashton moving through a partner workout   [...]

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Week Preview for 9/5/22


🔷 9am ONLY on Monday for Labor Day.  Get signed in now as there are only 20 spots.   David working through a few last cleans to finish up a Partner WOD   Programming -Monday- Good longer partner workout to kick off the holiday.  This is a longer run plus barbell day.  You'll [...]

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August 2022

Week Preview for 8/29/22


  Rahul getting those toes up to the bar!   Programming -Monday- Shoulder Press for strength work ending with a couple burnout/max sets.  MetCon is a fun little triplet of Power Cleans, Box Jump Overs, and 200m Runs.  Quick and just enough to get the job done.   -Tuesday- Working the Front Squat [...]

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Week Preview for 8/22/22


🔷  Be careful on the ally drive...hole still there. 🔷 Please respect and be aware of other clients.  Saw a poor representation this past Saturday of many late cancels.  If schedule permits, get to class because we all want to see you!   Elizabeth working the HSPU with a deficit   Programming -Monday- [...]

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Week Preview for 8/15/22


🔷 There is a hole in the concrete in the alley off of Exchequer so be careful on your way to the gym if you take that route.   Class getting their sweat on   Programming -Monday- Getting in those squats to start the week.  Working Tempo Front Squats to drill in good [...]

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Week Preview for 8/8/22


🔷 We're still early in a new month, plenty of time to put in the work and get on the Committed Club for August!  Keep training and logging those workouts in your BTWB app.   Aaron hitting a lift during our annual Summer League event!   Programming -Monday- Practicing a simple snatch complex [...]

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July 2022

Week Preview for 8/1/22


🔷 Starting a new month!  Time to dial things back in after a fun summer.  Go make those class reservations now and get on track.   Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Amanda!   Programming -Monday- Working a clean complex in strength time to dial in that bar path.  Conditioning is an interval [...]

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Week Preview for 7/25/22


🔷 Great work at CFBR Summer League this past Saturday.  Get back in and move to ease out any soreness.  The first couple of days are built to go as easy or hard as needed.  Let's have a good week!   The Fast's were crushing it during CFBR Summer League!   Programming -Monday- [...]

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