August 2022

Week Preview for 8/15/22


🔷 There is a hole in the concrete in the alley off of Exchequer so be careful on your way to the gym if you take that route.   Class getting their sweat on   Programming -Monday- Getting in those squats to start the week.  Working Tempo Front Squats to drill in good [...]

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Week Preview for 8/8/22


🔷 We're still early in a new month, plenty of time to put in the work and get on the Committed Club for August!  Keep training and logging those workouts in your BTWB app.   Aaron hitting a lift during our annual Summer League event!   Programming -Monday- Practicing a simple snatch complex [...]

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July 2022

Week Preview for 8/1/22


🔷 Starting a new month!  Time to dial things back in after a fun summer.  Go make those class reservations now and get on track.   Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Amanda!   Programming -Monday- Working a clean complex in strength time to dial in that bar path.  Conditioning is an interval [...]

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Week Preview for 7/25/22


🔷 Great work at CFBR Summer League this past Saturday.  Get back in and move to ease out any soreness.  The first couple of days are built to go as easy or hard as needed.  Let's have a good week!   The Fast's were crushing it during CFBR Summer League!   Programming -Monday- [...]

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CFBR Summer League 2022


It is time to release the WODs!!!  This is always a fun and friendly in-house competition so let's keep it that way.  Push yourself but be smart and have fun.  We've had some extreme heat lately so making sure we're not over-doing it with the workouts but you still need to take care of your [...]

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Week Preview for 7/18/22


🔷 CFBR Summer League is this Saturday and will run from 8am until finished (done by 1pm-2pm at latest with your attention and participation).  If you hadn't yet gotten your name/team on the board, do so by Tuesday as we'll be planning heats after that and will not make changes.  Stay on your training this [...]

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Week Preview for 7/11/22


🔷 CFBR Summer League is almost here!  Keep up with your training so you an participate safely and have fun with it.   Dusty showing us the dad strength on cleans   Programming -Monday- Working a complex with the Power Clean and Front Squat for strength time to practice technique and prep for [...]

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Week Preview for 7/4/22


🔷 Apparel Order Deadline is Tuesday the 5th!  Order now so we can get the gear in before CFBR Summer League.  You do have to click the item to see all of the color options. 🔷 ORDER HERE: https://foreverfierce.com/collections/crossfit-br 🔷 CFBR Summer League is Saturday, July 23rd.  Grab a partner and get your gear at the [...]

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June 2022

Week Preview for 6/27/22


🔷 CFBR Summer League is set for Saturday, July 23rd!  Grab a partner now and get ready for the fun.  This is a friendly in-house competition that we've been doing for many years.  In short, we'll be doing 3-4 events (short workouts) that morning to test our fitness then going to celebrate off site afterwards. [...]

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Week Preview for 6/20/22


🔷 Happy Father's Day to all of our awesome, strong dads out there! 🔷 Save the Date: July 23rd for our annual CFBR Summer League!  Checking on a few more things and then we'll finalize it.  Details coming soon!   Lucas working a great extension during a clean workout   Programming -Monday- Kicking [...]

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