October 2021

Week Preview for 10/25/21


ūüĒ∑ Fall Brawl: Coming on Friday, November 12th. ¬†This will be a night event starting at 5pm and lasting through 8pm or so depending on the amount of participation we have. ¬†We will have this as a Partner Event so grab a buddy and get ready to have some fun! ¬†As this is a just [...]

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Week Preview for 10/18/21


Heavy barbell work is great, but when you have to do burpees and squats first???   Programming -Monday- Testing the Deadlift and Upper/Lower Endurance from our Level Method Assessments!  If you did miss Upper Body Pushing last week you could test that too as long as you aren't in the Tabata Push Up [...]

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Week Preview for 10/11/21


ūüĒ∑ CFBR Fall Brawl! ¬†Save the Date for Friday night, November 12th. ¬†More details to be revealed soon. ¬† Raph working through Dumbbell Front Squats on his first experience of Open WOD 18.2 ¬† Programming -Monday- Doing a light (deload) Deadlift day followed by the Kettlebell Test for Level Method. ¬†As always, there [...]

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Week Preview for 10/4/21


ūüĒ∑ We will have Level Method testing opportunities this month so take a look at your LM app and be prepared for your next assessment. Mark, Ed, and Vi working on Deadlifts ¬† Programming -Monday- Longer and slower paced workout to kick things off with Farmer Carries, light Hang Power Cleans, and Wall [...]

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September 2021

Week Preview for 9/27/21


ūüĒ∑ Good luck to our team out at the Pensacola Beach Brawl this weekend. ¬†Hope you all have fun out there! ¬† Ethan, Marshall, Madison, and Amanda at the Beach Brawl! ¬† Programming -Monday- Working on single leg strength along with a longer but steady conditioning workout. ¬†Double Dumbbell Box Step Ups for [...]

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Week Preview for 9/20/21


Ethan working through Handstand Push Ups last week.   Programming -Monday- Lots of cleans to start the week!  Hitting a Clean complex to practice and for strength work followed by an ascending ladder of Hang Power Cleans and Lateral Burpees over the Bar.  It's quick but challenging so push the pace as able. [...]

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Week Preview for 9/13/21


Throwback pic to cooler weather. Marshall and the crew working on cleans!   Programming -Monday- Working up to a 3RM Shoulder Press for the day followed by a gymnastics triplet of Handstand Push Ups, Ab Mat Situps, and Air Squats.  Short rep scheme to keep you moving and build volume on these movements. [...]

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August 2021

Week Preview for 8/23/21


ūüĒ∑ Strawberry Lemonade FitAID is back in stock! ¬† Sean working on Ring Dips ¬† Programming -Monday- Getting in some barbell volume to start the week with a descending ladder of Power Cleans and Runs. ¬†Good news is the runs decrease as well! ¬†Strength time has a clean complex to practice technique and [...]

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Week Preview for 8/16/21


Austin working through Toes-to-Bar   Programming -Monday- Maxing out the Bench Press to kick things off!  If you haven't been hitting the bench days consistently then be smart and work to a heavy set as there will be options as always.  Workout is short and sweet with Strict Burpee Pull Ups and Double [...]

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Week Preview for 8/9/21


Ethan working the bench press with Sean spotting.   Programming -Monday- Bench Press for a deload day.  We'll go heavy again with a chance to max next week.  Workout is an EMOM format building strength in gymnastics with Ring Push Ups, Strict Pull Ups, and Air Squats.  Lower intensity to kick off the [...]

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