NO, being that the CrossFit training methods are fully scaleable to your fitness level we can have beginners to elite “fire-breathers” working out side by side on the same WOD.

WOD stands for Workout Of the Day. There is a new workout posted to the WOD Blog and the whiteboard at CrossFit BR daily.
Big egos and poor coaching are dangerous. Neither are accepted at CFBR. We build the proper base of fitness before adding in the more complex movements and inappropriate intensities and volume. Listen to your coach, take most days as an opportunity to practice rather than compete, enjoy the process and you will be healthy.
Most clients will begin to see and, more importantly, feel results within the first few weeks with proper dedication to the program. Do remember that we are training for long-term fitness and are not a quick-fix crash diet program that will not lead to lasting results.
This is going to vary from athlete to athlete but the main nutrition programs recommended in CrossFit are Zone, Paleo, and now we’re seeing Macros and Flexible Dieting gaining popularity. Basically, to the see the best results and live a healthy lifestyle you should: Eat meat & vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO sugar. Diet can be a trial and error effort to find what works best for you. Once you’re settled into the program, setup an appointment with a coach to discuss your needs.

In CrossFit, we record and track the time it takes us to finish a WOD or how many reps/rounds we can get in a certain time period. Those female named WODs are called “benchmarks” because we can track our progress over time to see if our score has improved from the last time we performed that WOD.

We refer to the gym facility as the “box” since this is a completely different atmosphere than you will find in a typical gym. We do not have machines, mirrors, or other typical things found in gyms as we spend our time building you into the machine.
Simple answer, NO. Unless you add a significant amount of weight training and change your diet to add tons of quality calories, you will not get bulky by performing the daily WODs. Guy or girl, the athletes that you see on the CrossFit Games are the fittest of the fit and train at a much higher dedicated level than the average person. Our average client may train 4 times per week while the elite you see on TV and Instagram train 3-4 times per day.

No, we do not allow drop-ins for our classes.

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