Jon Goodart

“If I had to say one thing that CrossFit BR gives that going to a gym or even having a personal trainer would be the support and encouragement to reach levels you never thought possible.”

Robert Manes

“CrossFit has been a great tool for me to get better, stronger and healthier. I can work out with people who are in much better shape than me, have an experienced trainer watching my movements to help avoid a greater risk of injury, and can scale the workouts down to something I can actually handle–as I continue get better.”

Sean Lechkun

“From my first class, I could tell that Dwayne and his staff knew exactly what they were talking about. They gave me great advice and great tips on how to improve my form and pointed out what I was doing wrong in a constructive way. Even just by talking to them about a mistake I made in a lift or how something felt, they were able to tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix it.”

Jessica Madere

“The only thing that matters at CrossFit is that you do better than you did before. Never compare yourself to others, only to what you could do last week. CrossFit BR stresses this, positivity, safety and just getting in a good workout. Forget all the hype you hear about CrossFit online and get in, do an intro class and see for yourself.”

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