Week Preview for 6/22/20


🔷 Happy Father’s Day to all you fit dads out there!


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Paul and Dusty working through those reps on Murph




CrossFit: Push Press strength then Single-Arm DB Deadlift, Single-Arm DB Thruster, and Situps

At-Home: Single-Arm DB Deadlift, Single-Arm DB Thruster, and Situps

Bodyweight: Jumping Squat, Situp, and Glute Bridge

Notes:  Starting the week with overhead strength then a quick little triplet that’ll work the full body.



CrossFit: Back Squats then Double Under, Box Jumps and Ring Rows

At-Home: Double Under, Box Jumps and Ring Rows

Bodyweight: Lateral Hops, Lunge, and Push Up

Notes:  Building on squatting strength from last session then hitting a cardio feeling AMRAP.



CrossFit: Clean & Jerk complex then Intervals of Clean & Jerk and Rowing 

At-Home: DB Clean & Jerk and Running intervals

Bodyweight: Burpee and Running intervals

Notes:  Practicing the Clean & Jerk building to a heavy set then partner style workout with short intervals of the C&J and Row.



CrossFit: Parallette Pass Through, Strict Pull Up, Wall Ball, Strict Knees-to-Elbow

At-Home: Push Up, Strict Pull Up, DB Thruster, and Strict Knees-to-Elbow

Bodyweight: Push Up, Flutter Kick, Air Squat, and Situp

Notes:  Gymnastics focus working :45 ON / :15 OFF for 20 minutes.



CrossFit: Power Snatch, Overhead Squat, and 400m Runs

At-Home: DB Snatch, DB OHS (or Goblet Squat), and 400m Runs

Bodyweight: Jumping Lunge, V-Up, 400m Runs

Notes:  Doing this one in intervals to keep quality reps with the barbell then higher intensity on the runs.


CrossFit: Russian KB Swing, KB Reverse Lunge, and Double Under

At-Home: Russian DB Swing, DB Reverse Lunge, and Double Under

Bodyweight: Burpee, Air Squat, Lateral Hops

Notes:  Partner workout chipping through these reps together.

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