ūüĒ∑ Schedule Note: ¬†Closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving. ¬†9am Only on Friday. ¬†Get signed in early if you are coming on Wednesday night too as we know that can be a travel time for some and we will close if no interest in a class time.

ūüĒ∑ CFBR Christmas Party will be the night of Saturday, December 11th. ¬†Save the date for now and we’ll have more info out soon! ¬†No decorating until after Thanksgiving. ¬†ūüėČ


Paul working through WOD 3 at 2021 CFBR Fall Brawl




Continuing to build on the Front Squats we’ve been doing and going to 4’s and 3’s now. ¬†Compare to last week and make an increase in load. ¬†Workout has Double Dumbbell Front Squats and Burpee Pull Ups for a nice full body day.



Going overhead along with some cardio.  Strength will have a few options featuring a pause.  Most advanced will be a Split Jerk with Pause in the overhead position.  This is a great way to feel your receiving position as well as have time under tension to build strength.  Workout will have Push Press, Push Jerk, and 400m Runs.



Working a complex of Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean for strength time.  Build to something heavy for the day!  WOD is a shorter couplet of Deadlifts and Toes-to-Bar which will be a fun but challenging grippy and midline workout.



No Classes Today as we’ll be heading out for the Turkey Trot 5K in downtown Baton Rouge to earn those turkeys! ¬†Hit a run or light at-home workout if you can’t make it. ¬†Happy Thanksgiving!



Shaking off those turkeys with an opportunity to hit a heavy single Hang Snatch. ¬†We’ve been working drills the last few weeks so let’s see if we can add 5# to that last PR. ¬†If you over-indulged then add some sets at whatever load is comfortable today! ¬†Workout is a quick couplet of Dumbbell Snatches and Push ups.



Partner WOD will feature Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, Rowing, and Double Unders.  Decreasing reps over a few rounds and the good news is you are splitting reps as needed so you should get some nice rest in there on this longer workout.