ūüĒ∑ Thanks for coming out to the Christmas Party this past weekend. ¬†Great times and now we get to sweat it all out. ¬†Looking forward to finishing out 2020 strong with you all.

ūüĒ∑ We do have Level Method Testing opportunities again this week and as always we can help you adjust workouts if you aren’t in a position to test that day.

Robby, David, and Taylor working Dumbbell Thrusters!




Kicking off the week with Cleans for strength work then a longer triplet of light Front Squats, Toes-to-Bar, and Double Unders.  Building some volume on this one!



Rowing, Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, and Strict Pull Ups followed by accessory work of Top & Bottom Ring Support Holds.



Level Method Testing: ¬†Upper/Lower Endurance. ¬†We recently tested Deadlift and Upper Body Pushing so hopefully you’re good to go there but if not we will have a little time to get those in before the workout. ¬†Cash-Out with Runs and Situps (optional).



Level Method Testing: ¬†your choice of Running OR Rowing test. ¬†If you hit the Run, you’ll have options after of either Power Snatch or Back Squat strength work. ¬†You’ll likely be good for the day if you hit the Row. ¬†Use any extra time to mobilize and recover for the rest of the week.



We’ll start with finding a heavy set of Hang Power Cleans for strength then do AMRAP intervals of light Hang Power Cleans and Lateral Burpees over the Bar. ¬†Higher intensity on this interval workout.



Having some fun this morning with CrossFit Total! ¬†This class may go a little over an hour so clear your schedule. ¬†We’re unable to do this in weekday classes because of the time it takes to max three lifts so sign in and let’s get on it! ¬†We will have options for newer lifters to do 3RM, 5RM, or 8RM attempts instead of the 1RM.