ūüĒ∑ We have a couple more Level Method testing days this week so clear time in your schedule to make it to class! ¬†As always, if you’re not ready to test something we can always just get in some work on those movements.


Ashlyn & Ashton moving through a partner workout




Snatch technique session for strength time then a quick triplet of Wall Balls, Hang Power Cleans, and 400m Runs with a rest after each round.  This is a lower volume workout to get a great sweat but feel good going into testing on Tuesday.



Level Method testing the Deadlift and Upper/Lower Endurance workout. ¬†If you recently tested Deadlift, just work up to a heavy set. ¬†If you need to test Upper Body Push you may do so but we don’t recommend doing the Tabata Push Up workout unless that’s what you need to move up workouts. ¬†We’ll help you make a different MetCon if needed.


Conditioning day with an interval of Cal Rows, Pull Ups, and Box Jumps. ¬†You can easily adjust intensity to fit your needs here but we encourage practicing a pulling progression that will match your workout for the lactic tolerance test we’ll be doing soon. ¬†Post-WOD has Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts and 1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Dumbbell Presses for a cool down and recovery from the week.



Strength time will have an opportunity to practice the Split Jerk or other variation overhead. ¬†More of a skill day but get a little heavy if you’re feeling good. ¬†Simple AMRAP triplet of Burpees, Ab Mat Situps, and Strict Ring Dips. ¬†Choose a dip progression that is challenging to build strength there.



Level Method testing the Squat Endurance category. ¬†Be sure you’re not skipping steps. ¬†Pass the Tabata Air Squat before moving onto the Split Squats and for sure pass that before moving into the 20RM Back Squats. ¬†Not all in the same day! ¬†Though, some may finish the split squats then move into the back squats. ¬†MetCon has Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press, and Double Unders for a quick workout after the test.



Partner WOD!  Splitting reps working through Clean & Jerks, Bar-Facing Burpees, and Toes-to-Bar.  Fun one that should turn into a little grind on the later rounds.