Week Preview for 12/11/23

🔷 Max Week! If you’ve put in the work over the last 4 weeks then it’s time to move some weight! While this is an exciting time, remember that form trumps load. Don’t sacrifice your health going for a lift not needed that day. There will always be another time to go for it.

🔷 CFBR Christmas Party is this Saturday the 16th! We’ll kick things off at the gym at 6pm.

Ally working through the step ups during the Hero WOD “Chad”


Strength: Push Jerk
Workout: shorter AMRAP of Double Unders and Push Jerks

Strength: Back Squat
Workout: simple yet effective one with a Cardio Choice and Burpees. You can go solo or with a partner!

Skill: Gymnastic Pulling
Workout: light Power Snatches, Situps, and Bar Muscle Ups

Workout: longer one for a good sweat with a Cardio Choice, Plate (or Med Ball) Lunges, and Plate Ground to Overhead

Strength: Deadlift
Workout: Running and Deadlifts

Workout of the Week: “Tombstone” has Burpee Box Jump Overs, Front Squats, and Toes-to-Bar

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